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Applications & Uses

So many people love Swatch Buddies!
  • Quilters
  • Sewers
  • Crafters
  • Design Professionals
  • Interior Designers
  • Wedding Planners
  • Color consultants
  • Milliners
  • Cardmakers
  • Scrapbookers
  • Artists
  • Diaper Makers
If it sticks, it swatches!

Although Swatch Buddies were originally designed for mounting quilting cottons, our customers have found that they also work well for other materials such as wool, felt, PUL fabric, paper samples, paint chips, ribbons, trims, etc.

Create a Visual Shopping List

To help find the perfect “missing” materials for your project or your collection, arrange your swatches and blank swatch cards to visually show where the gaps are in your collection. Example: If you want a medium green, place a blank swatch card in between the light and darker greens on your swatch holder. Use the label on the back of the blank swatch card to indicate how much material you need to purchase.

Show and Tell

Use Swatch Buddies for an easy way to show fabric swatches and paper samples to prospective clients (or fellow crafters) for a fool-proof way to communicate your design vision.

Double Your Swatch Capacity

Not a swatch labeler? Use the back of your swatch cards to mount additional swatches and double your swatch card capacity. This allows you to carry multiple projects on the same swatch holder. View one project on the front side of the cards and view your second project on the reverse side of the cards. Purchase our Refill Kits for additional adhesive swatch templates.

Master Home Décor

Swatch Buddies are handy when tackling your most challenging home décor projects. Use our Designer Series kits to mount your wallpaper samples, paint chips, fabrics and trims on swatch cards to make smarter material purchases.

Create Color Palettes

Mount your favorite fabric solids to swatch cards to help design by color. Having individual swatch cards of each color makes it easy to audition your color choices without dragging out all of your materials from your collection.

Organize Your Fabrics

A simple way to save time & money is by making better use of what you already own (i.e. shopping your stash). Of course this is easier said than done if you don’t know what fabrics you have on hand. Use Swatch Buddies to easily identify fabrics stored in remote or harder to reach storage areas.

Attach a Swatch Buddies ring to the outside of those large out-of-control plastic totes to easily see what fabrics you have inside the tote without pulling out yards of fabric. Use swatch labels to also indicate how much material you have on hand.