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Here are answers to our most commonly asked questions. We are always happy to help so if you cannot find the answer you need, contact us for more information.

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Can I buy swatch cards and other swatch making materials in bulk?

Yes - we would be happy to provide you any swatching materials you need in bulk packaging for your project. Just contact us for more information.


What types of materials can I swatch?

Although Swatch Buddies were originally designed for mounting quilting cottons, our customers have found that our adhesive swatch templates also work well for other materials such as wool, felt, diaper making PUL fabric, polyester microfleece, cotton velour, scrapbooking paper samples, paint chips, ribbons, trims, photos, etc. Our Swatch-it-All series is constructed of rigid paperboard and can be used for most media. This series allows direct paint application to the card surface (DIY paint swatch cards).


How do I know which Swatch Buddies series is best for me?

Take a look at our Product Comparison Chart to help you decide. It depends on your personal preference and on how you plan to use them. For applications where you want individual swatch cards for an easy reference of your fabrics (such as creating color palettes) our Original Series Swatch Buddies kits may be right for you. For other applications such as Home Décor projects where you may be dealing with larger scale fabrics or narrow materials such as trims, our Designer Series Swatch Buddies kits would likely be a better fit. If you are looking a single-use low-cost solution, consider our Swatch-it-All Series constructed from rigid paperboard, Great for DIYers & crafters, these swatch cards are the same size as our Original Series and easy create DIY paint swatches. And don’t be afraid to mix and match different sized swatch cards on the same swatch holder. It’s all about making Swatch Buddies work for you!


Can I purchase your product at my independent quilting and sewing supplies store?

Absolutely - we encourage you to support your local quilt store. Just look for our products in the quilting notions or sewing tools section.


We’re always looking for new quilt guild ideas to excite our guild members. Do you do anything to support quilt guilds or other sewing groups?

Yes, we do! Swatch Buddies are a fun product to share with your members. Please see our Info for Guilds page for more information.


I’m a shop owner. Do you offer any low-cost shop hop giveaways?

Yes, view our wholesale page for information on our Swatch Buddies Starter Kits. They are a very cost-effective way to promote the products you sell in your store while offering customers a useful quilting tool or sewing notion. We’ve received great feedback from shop owners who have successfully used them in shop hops or other type of promotional events such as demo days.