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Why Swatch Buddies?

We see designers shop with fabric swatches, paper samples and paint chips all the time, so why don’t quilters and crafters? The short answer is it’s a hassle to make our own swatch cards. It takes time to make them and they’re often cumbersome to use while shopping.

We created Swatch Buddies to solve both those problems. In about the time it takes you to cut a fabric swatch to stick in your pocket, you can use Swatch Buddies to make a neat swatch card mounted on a swatch holder. Not only that, you’ll actually enjoy using your swatch fan while shopping.

After shopping with Swatch Buddies you’ll find that:

  • Shopping will become more enjoyable. You’ll know right at the store that you’re making a wise material purchase – no more waiting until you get home to find out if you’ve made a purchasing mistake.
  • You’ll save time and money by avoiding wasted shopping trips and unwanted material purchases. When you add up the cost for just one wasted trip with one yard of material, you’ll see very quickly that shopping with swatches becomes a very smart investment!

We’ve also designed our reusable DIY swatch kits to be easy to use and flexible enough to meet the needs of many:

  • If you thrive on organization you can label, add, remove and rearrange swatches to your heart’s content.
  • For those who cringe when they hear the word “organize” you never even have to touch a label since they’re an optional feature in our kits. Just use Swatch Buddies as an easy way to make and carry your swatches.

Although we originally designed our swatch cards for quilters we’re finding that others have found some creative ways of using Swatch Buddies. Browse our web site for more ideas. Swatch Buddies may soon become one of your favorite quilting tools or sewing notions, too!